If you want to add an element of classic beauty to the exterior of your home, traditional garage doors may be just what you’re looking for. 

Such a style has the potential to create both aesthetic appeal and practicality, with a range of available designs and materials on the market. 

Before you decide if this is the right choice for your home, there are some important points to consider:

Garage Doors


Traditional doors require more upkeep than their counterparts due to having multiple panels, which can become misaligned over time. Regular maintenance will be necessary to keep them running efficiently, and potentially painting or staining every few years, depending on your chosen material type. 


Typically, they are priced higher than other types, as this varies from model to model, dependent upon features such as design and materials used. Research different options thoroughly before purchasing to ensure you get value for money. 


Wood is often used in traditional designs as it’s attractive and holds up well against moisture damage or rusting; however, many homeowners now opt for steel or aluminum instead due to its better durability. 

Manufactured materials also have distinct advantages, such as louder closing noises ( providing greater security) plus superior insulation properties compared with wood. 


Typically, two people are required to maneuver around door frames/thresholds, especially when using wooden panels, as they can be heavy and awkward to handle without help that has experience installing such items successfully; if possible, doing it yourself or enlisting professional help could save money in this instance. 

Finally, additional security measures should always be considered. Smart locks, padlocks, etc., whether opting for traditionally styled or not; intruder alarms may also be necessary if leaving your house unattended for longer (holidays, etc.). 


Traditional garage doors can beautify any home with timeless elegance. But only if enough research has been done before purchase regarding all aspects & variables involved. 

With proper planning & foresight, you can enjoy the beauty provided by such stylish entrances free from worry about cost & the security of your property & family.

If you are seeing any signs of a broken garage door spring in your home and need professional help, then we are here to assist.