When is the best time to send an email campaign? There’s no one correct answer to this question because it depends on your campaign goals and target audience. Therefore, the best time and day to send an email is when your audience will be the most receptive to its message.

The team at The eCommerce Quarterback compiled this quick guide to help you determine the email marketing blast best practices for your business.

Email Marketing Blast Best Practices

Monitor the Performance of Every Campaign

What you need to monitor depends on your campaign goals. There are several ways to check the success of your campaign:

  • Open Rate: The open rate, how many people open your emails, will typically be higher than the click-through rate. This rate may indicate how compelling your subject line is or how valuable your viewers find your content.
  • Click-Through Rate: This metric, measuring how many people click links in your emails, shows how successfully your email campaign attracts potential clients. Therefore, this is a more useful indicator than the open rate.
  • The Final Conversion Rate: The most important metric of all, tracking sales, this tells you when it is the best time to send an email campaign for sales purposes.

Separate B2B and B2C Messages

The best time to send an email campaign also depends on whether you’re dealing with other businesses or individual clients:

  • Research suggests that the best times to send marketing emails to business clients are around 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning in the middle of the working week.
  • By contrast, personal clients are more likely to open their emails at midnight on Saturdays.

Best Time to Send a Newsletter

The best time to send a newsletter depends on its contents and to whom you’re marketing. You have a little more leeway here, but stick to working hours for business clients and weekends for personal ones. If you provide valuable content, your clients will look for the emails themselves.

Best Times to Send Marketing Emails

With marketing emails, you want your client’s full attention. Monitor each campaign ideally to identify the best times, even if that means timing campaigns differently for different demographics.

Rely on Your Research

It pays to tweak your campaigns as much as possible. Run split tests to see the best day to send an email. Then, play with the times a little. Change only one aspect at a time to identify the best combination.

Personalize Your Message

Go beyond using your client’s name and send personalized offers that will interest them. This way, you have a wider range of the best time to send an email campaign because your clients will look out for your messages.

How To Do Email Marketing Effortlessly

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