Carpet, as a floor cover, goes a long way in adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. So if it is worn, torn, or dirty, it can quickly transform the appearance of your interior into an unpleasant sight. Luckily there are companies specializing in carpet repair and installation services in Canada. What you spend will depend on the carpet type, the extent of the damage, the repair type, and in some cases, the carpet size. The cost of carpet repair in Toronto can range between $81 to $455. Here’s a cost estimation according to the repair type:


If your carpet is stained or dirty, it may need professional cleaning. However, depending on how bad it looks, you can do this yourself. You will need time and a special carpet cleaning solution, which costs between $200 to $450. A professional cleaning will cost you around $250 or less. The service may also include dyeing if the carpet’s color is faded.


If the carpet has bumps or wrinkles, you will need stretching services. The professionals know how to fix this problem so that the carpet sits properly and smoothly on the floor without any ripples or bumps. The average cost ranges from $100 – $300 per room. If there is more than one room, the company normally charges additional fees for the others. But this amount is usually very low, sometimes lower than half the fee for the first room. 


Your carpet needs patching if it is torn, burnt, or has holes. The repair cost depends on the damage’s extent and the size of the areas that would be patched. This can cost between $150 to $250. You may also have to provide a spare if you have leftovers from the initial installation. If you don’t have any spare, the repair person may have to cut out some parts from an area that is not easily visible, e.g., underneath the bookshelf.

Repair costs overview 

A carpet may need repairs for several reasons, and the problem usually determines the cost of repairs. Here’s a price summary for carpet repairs according to the faults:

  • Water damage: $305 – $1000
  • Torn carpet: $105 – $255
  • Loose: $100 – $300
  • Burn: $150 – $250
  • Stain or faded: $130 – $400

You will have to replace the carpet if the damage is beyond repair. This can cost between $1000 – $3200 depending on the size.

Apart from the repair type, other major cost determinants are the carpet type and the size. The price for fixing a wool carpet differs from that of polyester or acrylic. Polyester carpets cost less than others. Expect to pay higher if yours is a wool carpet.


Carpet repairs cost vary, as we have explained. Some people may opt for DIY to avoid the cost. Indeed, some problems may not require a professional. However, the costs are reasonable compared to installation, and it is worth it. Hiring a carpet service will save you time, guarantee a smooth, professional job, and ensure your warranty stays valid.