Sagging skin, also known as loose skin, is a common issue among older people. The skin hangs down, causing the eyes to look sunken and the face to appear puffy. While wrinkles are not inherently bad, if you’re already in your 50s or beyond and your skin begins to sag from age, there are simple methods that can help tighten sagging skin in order to stop it from looking old before your time.

The most common causes of loose skin can include weight loss and the effects of aging. While cosmetic surgery can help address slack skin, several alternatives exist for individuals who choose to forego medical operations.

Here are some strategies to tighten slack skin.

Firming creams

Retinoids are found in a good firming cream. Tretinoin and Retinoic acid are examples of vitamin A chemical derivatives.


They boost skin cell proliferation, maturation, and turnover by utilising lotions containing hyaluronic acid, which binds and clings onto water molecules. 

Hyaluronic acid reduces the depth of wrinkles, improves skin suppleness, and smoothes the skin. 

Skincare products include lanolin due to the steady increase in the rate of contact dermatitis (allergic skin reaction).


While there is no miracle cure for slack skin, the below ingredients may help:

Here are several antioxidants that can aid in the reduction of drooping skin.

  • A, C, D, and E vitamins
  • Selenium 
  • Selenium 
  • Zinc
  • Epigallocatechin gallate
  • Coenzyme Q10 (EGCG)


Building muscle mass through weight training exercises can also help reduce the look of sagging skin, especially if the drooping skin results from fat loss. If the fat has stretched the skin for an extended period, it can get devoid of its capacity to shrink with loss of weight. 

Building muscle mass can help to reduce the look of aged skin.

See a physician before exercising if you are experiencing loosening in your skin from a recent pregnancy, as there may be some manoeuvres you must avoid. 

Workout is one type of exercise that is not useful for loose skin. While facial workouts have been popular since the 1960s, there is little evidence that they help bind loose skin.

Slim down

Persistent fat beneath the skin’s surface might lead to the skin appearing loose. Fat tissue is the name given to this form of fat. There is subcutaneous fat present if you pinch the troublesome location, and more than a few millimetres of skin are present. Losing that fat may help to firm the skin.

Massage the area 

Massaging the area of skin that has been loosened can increase the flow of blood and helps to stop the aging affect on your skin. The study by Research Published looked at the various benefits of skin massage in combination with an anti-ageing skin lotion. 

The study discovered that daily massage with a hand-operated vibrating tool boosted the cream’s favourable effects. In addition to massage, a salt or sugar scrub can stimulate blood flow.

The main point

Loose skin can be an issue, but various strategies exist to minimise or reduce it. Collagen plays a significant role in skin suppleness. One method for reducing loose skin is to increase your body’s collagen production. You can also take steps to avoid acquiring loose skin, such as:

  • Smoking   
  • Tanning
  • Using skin products with harsh ingredients

Final Words

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