When it comes to their child’s healthcare, parents do not want to make any compromises.

And yet, in the case of dental health, many parents find themselves at a loss since they are unsure when to take their child for their first dental checkup. One reason for that is there is no clarity on the subject. 

This brief guide will help answer all your questions on the topic and hopefully clear up your confusion. So, let’s start!

How Early In Life Can A Person Visit A Dentist

Most dental experts agree that a person should have their first dental visit by age one or at least six months after the first tooth appears. Since the first teeth start growing between three and six months, the first dental visit generally coincides with the child’s first birthday.

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It is extremely important not to delay the first visit as that can cause problems. Some parents wait until the child is around four years of age, but by that time, dental issues like tooth decay may have already taken root. This is why dental problems are so common in children. 

Why Is It Important For Such An Early Dental Visit?

1. Developing Healthy Dental Care Habits

Teaching children to care for their teeth should start at a very young age. Introducing your child to healthy oral care habits should begin as soon as the first tooth becomes visible to ensure good dental hygiene. 

2. Preventing Tooth Decay

A visit to the dentist early on can reduce the chances of tooth decay significantly and also prevent other oral problems. Once it starts, tooth decay is very difficult to reverse. 

3. Ensuring Better Overall Health

Ensuring good oral habits from an early age through visits to the dentist can also help improve your child’s overall health. With healthy teeth and gums, they can speak and chew more comfortably. Also, the chances of diseases like osteoporosis later in life are reduced.  

4. Helpful For Parents

Visiting the dentist as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears can help you learn how to ensure oral hygiene in the best manner. Dentists can also provide useful information on mouth cleaning, pacifier use, teething pain, and others.

5. Establishing Positive Associations

Children who start visiting their dentist at a young age can easily overcome their worries about such visits. It can help reduce negative feelings associated with these visits and make your child feel relaxed and calm.


Taking your child to the dentist at an early age offers several benefits, but you should ensure they are comfortable with it. A timely first visit to the dentist can have a positive impact throughout their lives and can also save a lot of hassle later on. 

And if you have any other doubts or confusion, consult your dentist as soon as possible.