Dentists and denturists are two very different things, denturists work exclusively with dentists and provide them with tooth replacements such as retainers, dentures, and much more.

Dentist as you already are well aware are doctors for your teeth. Let us discuss in detail the difference between denturist and dentist below:

What is a Denturist?

Denturists or “prosthodontists” work to make the little devices that replace your teeth, these devices are of different types such as dental bridges, crowns and even dental implants that require a lot of precision and experience.

What is a Dentist?

A dentist is a medical practitioner that is certified to deal and treat any diseases related to teeth and gums. These people are highly qualified and work with the patients directly. Dentists repair and perform certain procedures and operations on the patient’s teeth.

What Makes Them Different from Each Other? 

Both of these professions are very different from each other, but when we often hear these terms in succession one after another we think they might perform the same function.

In medical jargon dentists are called “orthodontists” while Denturists are called “prosthodontics” as they make prosthetics for your teeth. 

Dentists are the people who deal with the patients’ diseases and give diagnosis on the problem they are having while denturists just make the attachments or prosthetics which the dentist advises them to make. Therefore these two although aid each other and work closely but are different entities. 

How Are They Linked to Your Dental Health? 

Well, a dentist will look in your mouth, examine it closely, see if you have any plaque or infections on your teeth or even worse if a tooth has decayed. 

Then the Denturist will come in, he or she will come and take the size of the teeth that need replacing and make a prosthetic that fits you. 

Then the dentist will remove the decayed tooth and insert the new denture so you can enjoy your meals without cringing in pain. 

Both of these professions are extremely necessary to maintain good gum and tooth health, although dentists are a tad bit more important as the initial diagnosis has to be done by a dentist. Plus there is no need to pick one as both are key to good oral health.


Visit a dentist or a denture clinic to get to know better! Many people get either confused or hesitant when it comes to picking a dentist or a denturist but ideally both of these should work in harmony to produce great results. 

The difference between them is quite evident by now as both have significantly different roles, one removes your teeth while the other is making a replacement for it.

So go to your nearest dental clinic to get a rather interesting insight on the difference between a dentist vs denturists and how they work in the field.