Hi. I promised Part 2 of my Christmas Home Decorating Ideas and here I am.  I truly love Christmas!  Yesterday, I shared with you that I wanted to simplify my Christmas Home Decorating this year and also tried to do so without purchasing many new Christmas decorations.  So, let’s continue with more photos to inspire you to use items you already own in new ways and truly personalize your space.  If you missed yesterday’s post, here you go Christmas Decorating Ideas Personalized for Your Home.

I’m starting to sound too much like a television announcer, so what I really meant to say is this:  Take a few of those Christmas ornaments off of your tree and place them in a bowl lined with soft, white, artificial snow or start a new collection.  Be different!

vintage bottle trees

I love this trio of bottlebrush trees.  Start a collection for someone in your family.  My daughter collects these sweet trees.  She has several more but we went with just three this time.  The third is actually an ornament.  The other two were found at one of  my favorite local home decor shops, The White Rabbit.  Shopping in St. Louis/The White Rabbit.  Find something you love and get your collection started.  Still prefer odd numbered items for display purposes.  You?

Christmas ornaments from Things Remembered

Yes, another collection.  It didn’t start out that way.  2011 represents the year Lily turned 11 on 11-11-11.  Then I added 2012 because I was in Things Remembered and why not?  Same for 2013.  This year, Things Remembered had a 50% off sale and we wanted to commemorate the year we adopted our sweet beagle/coonhound mix, Jack Hound Havens.  In Love with our New Puppy, Jack! Check your tree — you may already have the makings of a collection to display elsewhere.

White Christmas Stockings/Chocolate and Sunshine

Found this oversized fluffy, white stocking at Marshalls for less than $15.  I knew I’d find a place for it without spending large amounts of money.  Go with something large that makes a statement.  Cut some leaves from a tree to fill for no cost. We added the letter “J” to it for our pup, Jack, because, well, he didn’t have one yet.  No, I’m not filling it all the way either.

Chalkboard walls/Christmas decorating for home

Chocolate and Sunshine

I have this little chalkboard wall in a corner of my kitchen.  Each season I add our family To Do List and for the holidays, I included some of our Christmas plans.  What you can do if you don’t already have a chalkboard wall or want to paint a chalkboard wall, is to find a small chalkboard or bulletin board and list your plans.  It’s a great reminder to actually achieve some of the activities your family is requesting even when life is chaotic. I always have the letter “h” on the wall for our name. And, if you look closely, it has a large crack in it.  I don’t care.  It adds character. :) I found the wooden numbers and hung them each on a nail.  Wow, that was tough.

Ellen Degeneres Christmas wreath/ Chocolate and Sunshine

Hang a wreath on a wall and place something special in front of it.  I have had this grouping of musical Hallmark dancing characters for several years and I love it where I can actually push the button and watch them dance.  Do you have something you love that you’d like to showcase?  Go for it!

Christmas decorating for the beach / Chocolate and Sunshine

I keep this vintage wire basket filled with real and artificial seashells and coral on display year-round.  I added a handful of vintage ornaments to make it sparkle.  Add some sparkle to your things.

Mercury Glass Christmas ornaments

These old chippy, rusty drawers have displayed so many items throughout the years.  This year, they contain oversized mercury glass ornaments because, it’s unexpected.  Do something unexpected with your Christmas decor.

Christmas decorating for your home / Chocolate and Sunshine

I found this vintage-look wire ferris wheel and was about to sell it this year.  Then, I let it sit out for awhile and kicked myself for almost giving it up.  What was I thinking?!  I kind of like the old “Chocolat” sign that is placed nearby.  Keep your eyes open for something unique for display.  Mix up what you have.  

Waterford Christmas ornaments / Chocolate and Sunshine

I received this gorgeous crystal Waterford ornaments from an old company I worked at as a gift each year.  I thought they would be lost spread out all over the tree.  I love them on this old silver tray.  You can showcase any Christmas decoration on an old tray.  Check out your local Goodwill store  or re-sale shop for something you can set out.

Did you find anything new to inspire you to mix up your Christmas decorations for your own home? Twenty years ago, I thought I had to follow some kind of Christmas decorating rules.  Not anymore.  It’s so much more fun to mix things up.

Next time — we are talking trees.  I haven’t shown you any yet.  But once again I’ll be focusing on Christmas moments.  I already shared with you my thoughts on creating trees, theme ideas and inspiration. Christmas Tree Decorating Checklist.

How is your Christmas decorating coming along?  Are you finished?  Have you a few updates?  Not even started?  When I was a kid, we didn’t start until my mother’s birthday on December 21st.  Times certainly change.

Merry Christmas Season, sweet people!