When you send stuff using couriers, knowing that some things can cause problems is essential. Here are seven things you should avoid sending according to reputable private courier services. Knowing this helps keep your things safe and ensures they get where they need to go.

1. Cash or Important Papers

Sending money or essential papers through couriers can be risky. They might get lost or stolen. It’s better to use things like bank transfers or special services for important papers to be safer.

2. Food or Flowers

Sending things like food or flowers with couriers isn’t the best idea. They might go wrong if the courier takes too long or the packaging needs to improve. It’s better to use local delivery or other ways for these things.

3. Dangerous Stuff

Couriers prefer to carry things other than dangerous, like batteries, sprays, or things that can catch fire. If you send them without following the rules, it can be unsafe for the people working at the courier and get you in trouble with the law. Always check the rules before sending these kinds of things.

4. Live Animals

Imagine sending your pet on a long journey through a courier. That might not be a good idea. Animals could feel scared and uncomfortable during the trip and might not get the care they need. It’s like making them take a big adventure without someone familiar by their side. To keep animals happy and safe, it’s better to use a service that knows how to care for them properly.

5. Illegal Things

Some things are against the rules, like sending drugs or fake stuff with couriers. It’s a big problem because it can get you and the courier service in trouble with the law. It’s like breaking the critical rules everyone has to follow. So, always ensure you’re only sending things that are allowed, like your regular, everyday items.

6. Fragile Things

Think about sending something delicate, like glass art, with couriers. The trip could be tough on them, and they might break. It’s like trying to send a bubble without it popping. Using a unique packing and shipping service is better to keep these extraordinary things safe and sound. They know how to wrap things up well to ensure everything runs smoothly.

7. Personal Information Items

Now, think about sending things with your personal information, like your passport or essential money papers, with couriers. It might not be the safest choice because it could put your stuff at risk. It’s like telling a secret to someone you don’t know. Using other methods, like registered mail or secure document services, is better to keep your important things safe. They’re like the superheroes of sending important stuff – always keeping it safe from bad guys.


So, to sum it up, when using couriers, be careful about what you send. Don’t send live animals, illegal stuff, breakable things, or personal items with secrets. It’s like ensuring your package has a smooth journey without any problems. Think of your package as a little traveler – you want it to reach its destination happily and safely. Choose special courier services if needed, like ones for animals or delicate items. When you send something important, think about it and pick the best way.